HIDI has completed our transition to our new enhanced and rebranded business intelligence system, HIDI Advantage Optics®. In addition to this transition, HIDI has created a new base portal to increase user experience and streamline access to various functions with the HIDI discharge data program.

The HIDI Advantage User Portal replaces HIDI Analytic Advantage. All previous functionality, documentation, and reports are available on the new HIDI Advantage User Portal. Furthermore, based on user authorizations, users can access HIDI Fundamentals, HIDI Advantage Optics, and HIDI Analytics. Hospital team members who has access to HIDI Analytic Advantage will also have access to the HIDI Advantage User Portal. The web address for the new portal is https://secure.hidiadvantage.net.

User Portal

HIDI Fundamentals provides access to all data submission sites for

HIDI Optics links to the new Tableau-based dashboards for

HIDI Analytics contains access all datasets, resources, static reports, and surveys. The links include